Month: May 2017

How Sweet?

How sweet is baby in my arms?

Sweeter than cowslips in the field.

How sweet is baby on my lap?

Sweeter than wild suckle on my lips

How sweet is baby in our home?

As sweet as honey from the comb.



-Mrs. Karl T Cooper Jr.



Christina Rossetti Sing-Song

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I just finished reading  Sing-Song to my girls. It’s  a wonderful book of poetry by Christina Rossetti.  We have the  Dover edition  which really is quite nice. However, I was surprised to see such a high price on amazon and began looking for other editions. Here are a few more I found :

Sing-Song Hardcover 1924 edition

Christina Rossetti, Sing-Song: A Nursery Rhyme Book. First printing of the New and Enlarged Edition from 1893. Illustrated throughout.

Sing-Song 1893 edition 

I found another 1893 edition inscribed by the poet and playwright  A.C. Swineburn to his sister Alice:

-Mrs Karl T. Cooper, Jr.