What’s On Your Nightstand?

Fast Food Nation  by Eric Schlosser is an amazing read. While I don’t agree with many of his solutions, the terrible and largely unforeseen consequences of Fast Food and Big agriculture are brought to light (and it’s not just about health concerns). Like it or not, the fast food industry has changed the way we farm, eat, advertise and shop. Throughout the book Scholosser seems to be pushing for unions and more government regulations to solve these problems  but in the end it’s about getting people to opt out on a large scale.  It’s informative, gripping, disturbing and yet he also maintains a sense of humor- Investigative journalism at it’s best.

Image result for lost traveler antonia white

The Lost Traveller by Antonia White.

I’ve read her first book Frost in May last year and found her storytelling simple and completely engrossing. The second book, The Lost Traveller, is just as engaging and accessible as the first, the characters absorbing and writing clear. I am waiting for the heartbreak though. You sense a tragic tone from the onset.


I’m also reading (thoroughly skimming?) Nourishing Traditions, rereading Woods Etc., avoiding journaling and in denial about my lack of interest in Theodore Roethke’s  poetry, despite my love for his poem the Root Cellar.

My husband’s nightstand, however, remains focused and avoids such disillusionments:


What’s on your nightstand this month?



  1. On my nightstand:
    Latecomers by Anita Brookner
    One Fine Day, Mollie Panter-Downes
    The Unicorn, Iris Murdoch
    Letters of Elizabeth of the Trinity, vol 1
    Scarlet and Black Stendhal
    Rosary Novenas to Our Lady
    The Incredible Journey, Sheila Burnford
    Jo’s Boys, Louisa May Alcott
    Selected Short Stories, Rabindranath Tagore
    Our Jewish Roots, Cheryl Dickow
    Two Types of Faith, Martin Buber
    the poetry of Jaroslav Seifert
    The Moons of Jupiter, Alice Munro
    Hamlet, Shakespeare
    Latin-English Missal
    Joy of the Rosary, Anne Vail
    handwritten prayer book
    journal before the current one
    Christian Prayer
    Hail Mary: On the Threshold of Grace by Paul Murray
    Cambridge Latin Course, Unit 1
    A Scriptural Rosary, Marianne Trouve
    Less Than One, Joseph Brodsky
    two unanswered letters
    alarm clock
    gooseneck lamp

    This list does not include what is under my nightstand, in the basket next to my nightstand, or the book(s) I’m currently reading (Poems of Christina Rossetti and Reality and Dreams by Muriel Spark).

    Sorry you asked? 😉

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